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PERSONNEL: Seven Cub Scouts and two color guards for flag onstage or at front. EQUIPMENT: United States flag, pack flag, flag stands, individual letter of America should be cut from cardboard -- some red, dome white and some blue.

ARRANGEMENTS: As each Cub Scout recites his line, his letter is held up, the Cub Scout takes his place to form a line to join in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, which is led by Denner.

A - is for ALL people in our land

M - is for MEN who helped build, so grand

E - stands for EQUALITY of race, color and creed;

R - is RESPECT for all people's need;

I - is for IDEALS - new ways to know your neighbor;

C - stands for CARING and sharing in labor;

A - is the ALLEGIANCE we should feel for our land.

"Let us now stand and pledge it with heart and with hand." The Pledge of Allegiance.