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ROPS:Four candles in holder, each candle a different length.

CUBMASTER: Our history is filled not only with the tall tales of American Folklore, but also with the true deeds of some very brave men who explored, fought and in some cases died, to extend the frontiers of our country. Men like Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and many more. The Scouting trail is much like the trail these famous men followed and so, at this time, we will recognize those Cubs in our Pack who have advance along this trail. As I call your names, please come forward with your Parents. (call names)

As you Cubs can see, the candles get taller as you advance. This represents the additional skills that you must learn as you earn each higher rank. (Light Shortest Candle).

The Bobcat is the start of the trail and the simplest to earn. (light next candle.) The Wolf is a big step forward and harder as is (light the next candle) the Bear. Finally, at last, (light the tallest candle) you became a Webelos Scout, an earn the highest rank, the Arrow of Light. And so with the spirit of the great explorers, folklore heroes and frontiersmen to guide you, may you continue to climb the Scouting Trail. (Present awards by Den and congratulates Cubs and parents).