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                Artificial Council Fire

Cub Scout ceremonies are more dramatic when centered around an illuminated council fire in a

darkened room. The effects can be very realistic. Your den or pack may wish to undertake this



1. Log lengths and diameters are not critical, but the pile should taper in thickness and length.
  Build the fire so logs can be dismantled for storage. The bottom four layers are doweled 
  together (A). The top three layers are nailed together with finishing nails (B). The shingles 
  used for the tinder effect are not fastened in place permanently, but placed tepee fashion 
  around the container (C).
2. Assemble and wire the lamp base. Insert it in the cardboard carton, which has been covered 
  with aluminum foil.
3. Build the log pile, doweling the joints. To locate dowel centers, drive a small brad in the 
  lower log, and then press the upper log over the brad to mark the center; then bore holes.
4. Use a 60-100 watt red or orange bulb for illumination. A white bulb can be painted red or 
5. The light will filter through the slots in the shingles.