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STAGING: Cardboard trees and bushes in background. Several boys and adults dressed in casual clothes (Ex: play clothes, swim suits with towels, barbecue apron and tools, etc.) mill around stand then walk off.

CUBMASTER: Did you see all those people in my backyard?

ASST CM: Yes, I wonder what they were doing?

CUBMASTER: I don't know who they were, but I know they were swimming, playing, cooking, resting, and, above all having fun.

ASST CM: Wow I didn't know you could do all that in your backyard.

CUBMASTER: Backyard Fun - two words that generally mean enjoying your surroundings; however, they become different things to different people.

ASST CM: A young Bobcat starting his Cub Scouting adventure may be like a young seed just starting to grow. His backyard may be just the property surrounding his house.

CUBMASTER: His fun may be a swing set, a family barbecue or playing catch with Dad. We have several Cub Scouts that have earned the Bobcat rank.

ASST CM: Will the following boys and their parents please join us in the backyard. (Reads names)

CUBMASTER: These Cubs, like a plant seed, have just started. Parents, I give you the Bobcat Badge to present to your sons. A young Wolf has gone beyond the bobcat, like the seedling becoming a tree. His backyard extends into the neighborhood.

ASST CM: His fun could be bicycle riding, soccer games, or visiting friends. We have several Cub Scouts tonight that have earned the Wolf Badge, the second rank in Cub Scouting. Will the following boys and their parents come into the backyard. (Read Wolf names)

CUBMASTER: A Wolf Cub has accomplished more than the Bobcat. His experiences, skills, and knowledge have begun to extend beyond his home. Parents, please present these Wolf Badges to your sons.

ASST CM: The Bear Scout, the third rank of Cub Scouting, has continued up the Scouting trail beyond the Wolf. He has become strong and straight as a young tree, not fully grown yet, but on his way. His backyard extends beyond his neighborhood into the town and country.

CUBMASTER: His fun could be fishing in a creek, a walk through town, or visit to local park or zoo. We have several Cub Scouts that have met the challenges of the Bear and will receive their awards tonight.

ASST CM: Will the following Cub Scouts and parents join us. (Read names)

CUBMASTER: The Bear Scout has matured and endured the challenges of the Cub Scout trail. His experiences and knowledge are nearly complete. His backyard is beyond his neighborhood. Parents please present these badges to your sons.

ASST CM: The Webelos Scout is coming to the end of the Cub Scout Trail. He is a fully grown tree in the Cub Scout forest. He stands straight and tall.

CUBMASTER: His backyard extends up and down the highways. His fun may include boating on a lake, hiking in the woods, and camping overnight. We have several Cub Scouts here tonight that have met the Webelos challenges.

ASST CM: Will the following boys and their parents join us in our backyard.

CUBMASTER: The Webelos Scouts have almost completed the Cub Scout trail. They are knowledgeable, skillful, and confident. His backyard is almost limitless. Parents please present these badges to your sons.