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The contestants in this stunt are blindfolded, but the blindfolds are so arranged that they can see a little. The idea is for the boxers to mix it up a little, and then get separated and rush, in the direction of the audience swinging wildly in every direction. A few rounds of this 'Will serve to keep the audience on their toes and provide quite a bit of entertainment.

For a variation, use two Scouts who have never been ,'sold" and spring a surprise on them. Tie a rope to each boxer, the other end to be tied to his chair. These are just long enough to enable the contestants to meet each other and register a hit.

They are then blindfolded, and allowed to box for one round.

During their rest a large knot or loop is tied in one of the ropes. As a result they will be sparring away ten feet apart, to the amusement of the spectators. A boy is delegated to create the illusion of contact with the other boxer.