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The Master of the Campfire announces: "On this special occasion, we've made arrangements to take you all on a tour of a bottling factory." He then divides the audience into eight groups and teaches each group the action and noise they are to make:

  1. Loading Dock--"swish, crash; swish, crash"--pivot back and forth as if loading empty bottles onto a dock.
  2. Conveyor Belt--"lag a lag a lag"--hold arms out straight in front, flutter hands up and down.
  3. Bottle Washer--"shh, shh, shh"--stoop down while turning, as if a brush were being twisted into a bottle, stand, repeat.
  4. Lower Conveyor Belt--"tinkle, tinkle, tinkle"--same as above conveyor belt, but hands make smaller movements.
  5. Bottler--"shh, ptt! shh, ptt!"--turn and pound fist into palm of other hand.
  6. Large Conveyor Belt--"Lag a Lag a Lag!"--exaggerated movement of hands.
  7. Shipping Room--"crash, bang; crash, bang"--stoop and pick up loaded crates of pop, transfer to truck.
  8. Tasting Room--"Urp! Pardon me. Urp! Pardon me."-- cover mouth with hand.

When the entire group has learned their parts, go through the factory one station at a time, then have everything go into motion at once.