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Campfire Opening: MOSQUITO

Try this at the opening of a campfire. Each of the eight speakers holds up a

large card showing their letter. You can spell out just about any word that

has meaning to the people at the campfire.

m is for the memories we share tonight, the memories of camp.

o is for the opportunities we have to grow together, to learn new skills, an

to share fellowship around this campfire tonight.

s is for the super things we have done here and the super people we have

met and made our friends.

q is for the quiet times we experience together, times to reflect and give


u is for the ultimate peacefulness of the outdoors.

i is for the inspiration we receive from nature and from our friends.

t is for the terrific leaders who have been with us at camp.

o is for "On with the Show!"

Put them together, and what do you have? MOSQUITO!