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EQUIPMENT: Cardboard Christmas Tree with various colored lights. Cut holes in cardboard so that bulbs fit into the holes. Tape light cord to back of tree and plug into outlet. Unscrew bulbs slightly so they can be screwed in and lighted at the appropriate time.

CUBMASTER: (Advancement Chairman)

"As we look at our tree this evening, we see that it is dark, with only one light on. (Screw in top light). This is the light which represents the Spirit of Cubbing. Let us see if there are boys here tonight who can light the way to the top of the tree, to the highest rank in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light.

The first step along the Cub Scout trail is the Bobcat, rank (Turn light representing Bobcat ﷓ at the bottom). (At this point, if there are Bobcats to be inducted, call them forward with their parents and use as regular induction ceremony).

Once a boy has achieved this honor, he is ready to climb. There are 12 achievements required to complete the rank of Wolf. Some of these require knowledge of the U.S, flag, of keeping strong, of safety and being useful to his family. The following boys have completed all 12 of these requirements (call forward boys and their parents for Wolf badge and/or Arrow points). Thank you, boys. We are now able to turn on the light representing the Wolf rank. (Have one of new Wolfs turn on next light).

As a boy grows older and stronger, he is able to climb a little higher. But just as it is a little more difficult to climb the upper branches of a tree, so the achievements are a little more difficult for the Bear rank. (Call forward boys and parents for Bear badge and Arrow points). (Turn on next light).

These boys have helped us light our tree, but it is still not quite as bright as it might be. Since they have received help from their parents and leaders let us turn on lights for them too. (Have Bears turn on several lights).

Now our tree is complete. As you have seen, it has taken the boys, plus their parents and leaders to complete it. With the same effort that you have shown before, keep working for the highest rank in Cub Scouting. Congratulations to you and your parents for the fine job you have done. (If Webelos Activity Badges are to be presented, include this in the proper place and present in the same manner, lighting another light).