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EQUIPMENT: Box made up to look like a computer, large cards with Bobcat, Wolf, etc. on them, actual awards.

CUBMASTER: In keeping with our theme of "Invention Convention", I would like to unveil my latest invention. (Uncover, or bring in "Computer") This amazing device is able to collect all the information that comes in from our pack committee members, den leaders, Webelos den leaders, and parents. It can then determine which Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts are eligible for which awards. Allow me to demonstrate.

(Hold up Bobcat card. Insert into slot in machine. Pick up pre positioned Bobcat awards from rear of box.)

Will (name) and his parents please come forward? (Present awards). (Follow similar procedures for awards of Wolf, Bear, arrow points, and Webelos badge and activity badges).

(Hold up Arrow of Light card. Insert into machine. Call for Arrow of Light recipient).

These young men may or may not be real inventors, but they have shown the truth of the old saying 90 percent of success is perspiration. They have worked long and hard some as long as three years to achieve their goal. What they built was not a better mousetrap, but something far more valuable to the world today, better young men. In recognition of this achievement, we present them with an award that is so highly thought of that it is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on all other Scout uniforms. (Present awards). I want to congratulate all of you and your parents. The whole pack is proud of your accomplishments, and we're sure you will continue to "Do Your Best".