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This can be used in many ways ‑ as a welcoming ceremony or as an introduction after school night recruiting when there will be many new Cub Scouts.

PROPS NEEDED: Tepee or tent, 2 large boxes to make store and mountain, 5 cardboard signs that read Bobcat Store, Wolf Tunnel, Bear Mountain, Webelos Bridge, and Rugged Road.

SETTING: A simulated trail with the tepee standing at the beginning, four signs held along the way by Cub Scouts, and Den Chief at the end with the fifth sign. Blue and gold crepe paper streamers are wound around the sings marking the trail. Akela, attired in and Indian blanket and headband, is at the tepee. The prospective Cub Scouts wear an old baggy shirt and hat over the uniform as he steps up to meet Akela.

AKELA: Can I help you?

BOY: I'm on my way to manhood.

AKELA: Come! Let's follow the blue and gold trail. It's the best way. First, we'll stop at the Bobcat Store and get prepared for the journey. (Boy(s) duck down and remove old shirt and changes to a Cub Scout cap at sign 2.)

CUB SCOUT: (at sign 3). I hope there aren't any real wolves here.

CUB SCOUT: (at sign 4). A mountain ‑ wow! Are you sure this the best way?

AKELA: You are doing fine. You're well on the way. (At sign 4) I must go to help others now. Good Luck!

CUB SCOUT: (Salutes) Thank you for your help (After crossing bridge he says) This is the end of the trail. Is this manhood?

DEN CHIEF: No! You're getting close. Just follow the rugged road to Scouting.

(Cub Scout goes off stage ‑ curtain)

This can easily be adapted for a single new Cub Scout or used with several. If new boys would be bashful, and experienced Cub Scout can play the part.