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Den Closing

The closing ceremonies are usually quiet and impressive. They may require

more thought than other ceremonies. Occasionally the den leader should include

a simple thought. Don't preach a sermon, though. Don't overlook the Cub Scout

Promise, Law of the Pack or Living Circle.

Examples of closing ceremonies are:

 -Cub Scouts and leaders form living circle. Den leader or den chief says 
  "Do your best" and boys answer "We'll do our best."

- Sing or hum a quiet song.

- Boys form a circle around a lighted candle. Remind them of cheer and 
  feeling of friendship that even a small flame can spread.

- If the den has an artificial campfire, light it, and gather the boys around.

  Play a quiet recording.

- Friendship Circle: each boy has a 3 foot section of rope joined with a 
  square knot to that of the boy on his left. Boys hold rope with left hand 
  and pull back to form a taunt circle. Den leader or den chief says "You are 
  part of a group of close friends, held together by the square knot, a 
  symbol of being a good Cub Scout. Let us give the Cub Scout Promise."

- Circle Song: Form a circle with arms around each other's shoulders and 
  sing "Home on the Range" or another song that relates to the month's 

- A Prayer