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PROPS: Cardboard pieces painted to represent palm trees, waves, coral reef, and a ship wreck. Cardboard fish are needed to attach awards to. The coral reef and shipwreck should be large enough for someone to hide behind.

ARRANGEMENTS: The Cubmaster should assemble all the Cubs who are to receive awards then lead them onto the stage, under the tree(s). The Cubmaster acts the part of the Pirate Captain with the Cubs as the crew.

CUBMASTER: Well me lads, the storm has gotten the best of us! Here we are, stranded on this blasted desert island and all our supplies went down into the sea. Look around ye mates not even a pretty native gal to capture. I'm just afraid we'll have to wait till old Blue Beard's ship moseys by. Well mates, does anybody have a candy bar they'd like to share with their dear old captain? NO?? (Cubmaster shrugs) I guess you'll have to try and catch us some fish, then. You know waiting makes me hungry, but I'm getting might tired of the same old fish everyday, you boys try to catch something different for a change. Let's get cracking' lads! Here's some line I've saved, try your luck over by yon reef. (Let each Cub "fish", tossing his line behind the reef were a fish with his award is attached to the line. The Cubmaster make appropriate comments as he presents each award, such as:)

CUBMASTER: Wow Bill, me friend, you've caught your old cappy a nice big porkfish! What's this? A bobcat in his mouth? Well, you can keep that me toddle, for a job well done.

Chester, my boy,you've reeled us in a fat snapper. That line made from WOLF's hair really works great. Fine fishing me boy, fine fishing indeed.

AH! Scott, me old mate, I see a yellow‑fin grouper dangling from your line. And I see you were using your lucky arrowhead instead of a hook. Now that takes ingenuity!

Jason, me lad, I see you have caught me a nice big barracuda! That's what happens when you old BEAR bait on you hook!

Danny, what is that you have there? A swordfish? Look he's caught a WEBELOS on his snout! Now I'd call that a pretty sharp catch!

Steve, me dearest old pal, you seem to have caught us a whale. Look at the ACTIVITY PIN caught in his fin! I'd say you've been doing a whale of a job.