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We welcome you to this ceremony for the retiring of an American flag. As most of you know, when an American flag becomes damaged or too badly worn to continue in service, it is proper and respectful to burn it completely, in a dignified manner, and with suitable ceremony.

This flag has been used so much, that it is no longer a fitting emblem to display, so we are respectfully burning it.

It is, therefore, with the greatest respect that we proceed with this ceremony for retiring this American flag.

Read “Do You Remember Me

This flag is ready to be retired. Its history is as follows:

First Raised (when):

At (location):

Memorable event or fact:

We separate the field of stars from the stripes. We never separate the individual stars from the field of blue. The stars represent the union of the fifty states and one should never let the union be broken.

FIRST STRIPE: The red stands for courage

SECOND STRIPE: The white stands for purity

THIRD STRIPE: We remember all the soldiers fighting to keep our country free.

FOURTH STRIPE: We remember the soldiers killed and missing in action throughout our nation’s history

FIFTH STRIPE: We remember the veterans who served their country with honor

SIXTH STRIPE: We remember all of the teachers who taught us to be good citizens

SEVENTH STRIPE: We remember the Police Officers who protect our streets and our nation

EIGHTH STRIPE: We remember the Fire Fighters who put the safety of others first

NINTH STRIPE: We remember the Healthcare workers who sacrifice much to help the sick and injured

TENTH STRIPE: We remember the Government Officials who try their best to make this the best nation on Earth

ELEVENTH STRIPE: We remember the Clergy who help keep our lives in perspective

TWELFTH STRIPE: We remember all Parents who would sacrifice anything for their children

THIRTEENTH STRIPE: We remember the Children. For without children, our country would be nothing.

Each state is represented by a star on a field of blue, which signifies a new constellation being formed. As we place it into the fire, let it burn brightly and remind us how truly our flag represents our country. Let us remember the 4,815 people killed in the terrorist attacks on the United States of America. Will you please join us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.