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PREPARATION: Ceremony board resembles chart of sun and planets with Boy Scout as sun and Cub ranks as planets. A small blue and yellow cardboard rocket should be make for each boy getting a badge and placed on or under his new rank. If a loop of masking tape is placed on the back of each rocket, rocket can be moved by the Cubmaster to new rank as parent is presented badge.

CUBMASTER: Will the Den Chief please bring forward the Cub Scouts who are ready for advancement? (Pause and wait for boys to come forward.) Cub Scouts, we are happy to see you have taken another flight forward in our Cub Scout Galaxy. Please face your fellow Cub Scouts and the Den Chief will lead them in the rocket cheer. (Pause for rocket cheer.) Den Chief, will you bring the parents of these Cub Scouts forward? (Den Chief brings parents forward, placing each Cub between his parents.) These Cub Scouts have done a fine job in our pack. They are progressing through our Cub Scout Galaxy. This would not be possible if it were not for the interest and help of their parents. I'm proud of the parents in our pack. As I move your rocket forward in our galaxy, your parent will present you with your badge. (Cubmaster calls off names of Scouts as he moves rockets to appropriate ranks on ceremony board while parents present badges. Cubmaster congratulates boys and parents with Cub Scout handshake.)