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On stage you have a boy concealed in a sleeping bag that is open on both ends, he is the Giant worm.

Several "hikers" happen upon the worm. The hikers are eating and carrying with them a supply of candy bars. They look at each other in amazement ask ask each other "I wonder what he eats" The hikers hold some candy bars near the mouth of the worm. The worm gobbles up the candy bars wrappers and all. Then the worm quickly discards empty wrappers form the other end.(stuff happens). The hikers run away.

Another group of hikers comes along drinking soft drinks and repeats the routine.

The third group comes along with nothing to eat or drink. this group should have your smallest scout. this group also ponders what this giant worm would eat. At that moment the worm gobbles up the smallest scout. Then discards a pair of pants and shirt out the other end. The hikers run away.