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(It's a Small World)

It's a world of centipedes, a world of moths,

It's a world of katydids, a world of wasps,

There's so much that we share,

That it's time we're aware,

It's an Insect Covered World.

CHORUS: (sing 4 times)

It's an Insect Covered World.

Its a world of beetles, it's a world of fleas,

It's a world of caterpillars, and a world of bees,

In this world that we know,

There is so much to show,

It's an Insect Covered World. CHORUS

It's a world of snakes and a world of snails,

It's a world of turtles and a world of whales,

Big or little, great or small,

It's a wonder to us all,

It's Mother Nature's World. CHORUS