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LEADER: A great deal of interesting history is connected with the navel career of John Paul Jones, who can aptly be called the most daring sea‑rover in the annals of the American Navy. His devotion to the Flag under which he so valiantly fought, is as unquestionable as his fearlessness.

CUB #1: He is credited with being the first to hoist the Flag on an American Man‑of‑War.

CUB #2: He was the first to show the flag upon the seas.

CUB #3: He was the first to receive and acknowledge a salute to the flag from a foreign power.

CUB #4: He was the first to fight a naval battle under the flag.

CUB #5: He was the first to decorate with it a Man‑of War of the enemy taken as a prize in action.

CUB #6: The name of no other man is so closely and interestingly associated with American Flag as that of John Paul Jones