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CUBMASTER: As the Knights of the Roundtable traveled together, certain of their members performed tasks so well that they earned special recognition of tasks well performed. There are four ranks in Cub Scouting.

(Light candle) ORDER OF THE BOBCAT ‑ for all boys just entering Cub Scouting.

(Light candle) ORDER OF THE WOLF ‑ for all second graders who complete the 12 Wolf achievements.

(Light candle) ORDER OF THE BEAR ‑ for all third grade Cub Scouts who complete the 12 Bear achievements.

(Light candle) ORDER OF THE WEBELOS ‑ for all fourth and fifth grade boys to earn before leaving Cub Scouting. The Arrow of Light which he will earn may be worn on his Boy Scout uniform.

While waiting to become of age to pass the next rank, Cub Scouts may earn additional honors called Arrow Points. Tonight, at our Roundtable we will welcome these new knights and recognize those earning special honors.

Will the following candidates for the ORDER OF THE BOBCAT please come forward?

Candidates will kneel on left knee. As knights of this group, we will expect you and your family to be ready to help us in all our activities. Our Roundtable can be no stronger than its weakest member. You will be expected to follow your leader and give good will. Repeat after me: "I, ______ promise to do my best." (Candidates are knighted with sword and "I dub thee Sir Knight.") Welcome, new knights. As you leave this great hall of the Roundtable may you carry with you the spirit of true knighthood. Rise and return to your seats.

The following knights have performed their tasks so well that they have earned recognition in the ORDER OF THE WOLF. (Read names for Wolf and arrow points. Knights kneel on left knee, knight with sword and say, "I dub thee, Sir Wolf," give badge as name is repeated.) Congratulations to each of you and may you earn many more recognitions of tasks well done as a Wolf.