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Props: A several‑branched tree limb (bare) set in a can of plaster or sand. Green construction paper leaves (as many as there are boys receiving awards.)

CUBMASTER: This tree is a symbol of the natural beauty of our land. It also is a buffer against sun and wind. Mother Nature requires a long time to grow a beautiful tree. It requires nurturing such as sunshine and water.

This tree represents our Cub Scouting program. In order for it to flourish, much time and effort must be spent by Cub Scouts and their parents. The boys receiving awards tonight have given time and effort, as have their parents. As each of you receive your award, you will place a leaf on our tree, and you will be able to see how much more attractive it is because of you.

(Calls forward boys and parents receiving Wolf awards and arrow points, then Bear awards and arrow points; then Webelos activity badges. After all awards have been presented and leaves added to tree, the Cubmaster says:

CUBMASTER: You have each helped nurture this tree, and it has become a part of you. Just as Mother Nature's trees endure for many years, you have gained values through your achievements and electives which will last you a lifetime. May you always stand tall and straight like a tree...and be a beautiful resource of our land.