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You need a Martian Land Deed for every boy receiving an advancement award. The Cubmaster also has the following on a large scroll: PROCLAMATION

'We, of Mars, in the interest of establishing a permanent and desirable civilization, will provide a Martian Land Deed to any Earthling who can qualify for space travel and exploration by earning one or more Cub Scout badges listed on the deed. Said deed entitles the holder to one (1) acre of Martian land for every badge earned."

Cubmaster calls forward boys who have earned awards and their parents announces the badges they have earned, and makes presentation of the deed. Badges are attached to deeds.


In recognition of advanced training and preparation for space travel, we of the Planet Mars grant _________ acre(s) of land to _____________ for earning the badge, or badges checked below: Bobcat Badge _____ Wolf Badge _______ Bear Badge _______ Gold Arrow _______ Silver Arrow _____ Webelos Badge ____ Arrow of Light ___ Aquanaut _________ Artist ___________ Athlete __________ Citizen __________ Communicator _____ Craftsman ________ Engineer _________

Family Member ____ Fitness __________ Forester _________ Geologist ________ Handyman _________ Naturalist _______ Outdoorsman ______ Readyman _________ Scholar __________ Scientist ________ Showman __________ Sportsman ________ Traveler _________ Wherefore, we have set our hand this _____ day of ______, 19__. Cubmaster _____________________________________________________ Pack Committee Chair ___________________________________________