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CUBMASTER: Blue and Gold, the Cub Scout colors stand for some of the good things Cub Scouts gain through the process of advancement as they make progress through the ranks.

Gold stands for Good Cheer. The boys here tonight who have learned the basics of Cub Scouting and have earned their Bobcat badge are full of the good cheer of Cub Scouting. Will these boys and their parents please come forward? (Call the names of the boys receiving Bobcats. Give the award to the parents to pin on the boy.)

Gold stands for happiness, and no one seems to be more full of happiness than these bright young men, who have completed the twelve achievements necessary for the rank of Wolf. Will these boys please come forward with their parents? (Call names of boys receiving Wolf Badges and Wolf Arrows. Give awards to the parents and have them present them to the boys.)

Blue, the other color of Cub Scouting stands for truth. Truth begins to shine through strong on the faces of these Cub Scouts, as they have completed the achievements for the rank of Bear and have learned that Cub Scout Honor really is important and truth is always the best. Will these boys please come forward with their parents. (Call the names of the boys receiving Bear badges and Bear Arrows. Give the badges to the parents to present to the boys.)

The other meaning for the color Blue is loyalty. This is one of the most important traits a boy can learn in the process of becoming a man. Loyalty to family, God, country, friends, and the most important, loyalty to his beliefs and convictions. There are many adults who do not display this trait, but the boys who have progressed to the rank of Webelos have developed or are developing this trait of loyalty. The boys who have earned honors as Webelos are: (Call off names and at this time graduate boys into Webelos, award activity pins, and also the Arrow of Light and graduate boys into Boys Scouts. Just say a few words about the accomplishments of each boy. Honor the Arrow of Light recipients and graduates into Scouting with more ado than the activity badge recipients.)

These boys honored tonight have been true to the Gold and the Blue by showing the traits represented by our Cub Scout colors....Good cheer, Happiness, Truth and Loyalty. Let's show them and their parents how much we admire their efforts with a Pack cheer.

"Who's the best in Blue and Gold? Pack ____ so we've been told!"