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Designed to help Cub Scouts, leaders, and parents understand the meaning of the blue and gold of Cub Scouting, this ceremony may be used for any type award presentation.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, six Cub Scouts (or use Webelos den), advancing Cub Scouts, and their parents.

EQUIPMENT: A triangular candle board, four blue candles, three gold candles, a pack flag, and a United States flag.

ARRANGEMENT: Place candle board on stand or table in center of stage or at front of room. Arrange flags according to your meeting room facilities. Cubmaster lights the top candle ‑ the Spirit of Cub Scouting.

CUBMASTER: As I light this blue Spirit of Cub Scouting candle, symbolic of the sky above, I am proud to say that every Cub Scout in Pack ____ has completed the Bobcat requirements. You have all promised to do your best, to do your duty to God and country, and to obey the Law of the Pack. This we expect of you.

Tonight, as we recognize these Cub Scouts who have completed a rank in Cub Scouting, we want to re‑emphasize this Cub Scout Promise and help them, as well as each Cub Scout and parent here, to understand what our Cub Scout colors, blue and gold, represent.

1st CUB: (Takes the blue Spirit of Cub Scouting candle from Cubmaster and lights the gold candle, representing the Cub Scout Promise.) As this candle is lighted, we challenge you to do your best to live up to the Cub Scout Promise and we remind you that Cub Scout gold stands for warm sunlight.

2nd CUB: (Takes blue candle from first Cub Scout and lights second gold candle, representing the Cub Scout motto.) As I light the second gold candle, remember that a Cub Scout always does his best. He does it with another meaning of gold ‑ good cheer. He doesn't do anything half‑heartedly.

3rd CUB: (Accepts blue candle from second Cub Scout and lights gold candle representing Law of the Pack). This gold candle represents the Law of the Pack, which should be a guide in your life. You should also radiate Happiness, the final meaning of Cub Scout gold.

4th CUB: (Accepts blue Spirit of Cub Scouting candle and lights first blue candle representing a Cub Scout follows Akela.) The first of four blue candles represents one part of the Law of the Pack, a Cub Scout, follows Akela, and the first meaning for the blue of Cub Scouting, truth.

5th CUB: (Light ‑ second blue candle, representing the spiritual). As I light this blue candle representing the spiritual, I remind you that a Cub Scout helps the pack go as the pack helps the Cub Scout grow.