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Three or four volunteers are taken off stage. Two boys lie down on center stage, their legs towards each other and overlapping so that one has his feet at the sides of the other's chest. Both are covered with a blanket so that one of them is completely hidden while the face of the other is showing. Then the first volunteer is led in. The announcer tells him that the man lying on the ground is the only man alive who knows the location of a fabulous buried treasure, but that he has unfortunately fallen into a deep sleep. In order to awaken him the volunteer must straddle the sleeping figure, bend down close to Moses' ear, cup his hands around his mouth, and shout "Moses, Moses! Where art thou treasure?" After the volunteer tries this, the announcer tells him to do it again, louder and closer to Moses' ear this time. Action is repeated, still no answer. Finally, on the third try, the concealed boy sits up and whacks the volunteer with a paddle or pushes him over from the rear, then quickly lies down again, covered with the blanket. Repeat with new volunteers.