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ARRANGEMENTS: Cubmaster and Committee chairman stand behind head table which contains awards and a box of Christmas tree decorations. Nearby is an undecorated Christmas tree. As each Cub receives his award, he and his parents are given a decoration to put on the tree which has already been strung with strings of light to be turn on at the end of the ceremony.

CUBMASTER: Tonight we're celebrating on of the most popular customs in America, decorating the Christmas tree. As each Cub Scout receives his award tonight, we're going to give him and his parents an opportunity to help decorate our tree. Since Cub Scouting is a family program, we want our Pack families to help make our Cub Scouting Christmas tree bright and festive. (Call names of Cubs receiving the Wolf and Arrow Points. Cubs and parents come forward, receive awards, and each person is given an ornament to put on the tree. Afterward they return to their seats. Follow the same procedure for Cubs receiving Bear Badges and Arrow points.)

CUBMASTER: We have some Webelos Scouts who have earned Activity Pins. We're going to give them special decorations for our Tree. (Call names of Webelos Scouts and indicate which badge they have earned. Decorations could be foil covered cutouts of activity pins. Each Cub receives as may decorations as he receive badges. His parents help put them on the tree.)

The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn. Tonight we have a Cub who has earned this award. (Call name of Cub and parents to come forward.) We're going to let (name) put the highest decoration on the tree...the star. (A step ladder may be needed or the Cub can be assisted by his parents.) (If there are not many awards to be given and thus only a few decorations put on the tree, call attention to the fact that the leaders help is essential to the Pack and to the decoration of the tree. Call forward all the leader to add a decoration.) And there you have our beautiful Christmas tree. There are other Cub Scouts and parents in our Pack who didn't have an opportunity to add a decoration tonight, but we're going to turn on the lights to represent all the member of our Pack family. You can see how each decoration and light makes a difference in the appearance of our tree. In the same way, each member of our Pack, Cubs and adults, make a difference in the success of our Pack's operations and program. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.