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Announce him as Mr. Kerpluk the world renown spitter. He could be French, German, etc. with the appropriate accent. He says he will demonstrate several of his famous spits for the group.

An assistant holds a bucket across the stage for Mr. Kerplunk to spit into (tap on the bottom of the bucket to create the special effect). Here are some examples of spits to use but be creative in creating your own:

  1. Short Shot: He spits; sound effect comes immediately.
  2. Riccohet Shot: He spits for a side wall (tree etc. if outside) and watches it bounce around before it hits the bucket.
  3. Long Shot: He spits and follows the long arc with his head; sound made after a long pause.
  4. Fast Shot: Sound effect is made before he spits.
  5. Super Shot: Advertised as the most famous. Spends a minute getting mouth full of spit, checks bulge out and finally spits. Guy in front stands up and wipes water from eye.