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A scout is a door to door salesman, selling Musical Toilet Seats: If you have some cardboard make props like toilet seats.

Salesman approaches each home knocks on the door and sells the seat:

Salesman: "Good morning sir, I like to show you the newest thing in electronic technology. My company has developed the new musical toilet seat. Would you be interested in buying this modern day marvel?"(ham this up, plead beg, ect. be a door to door salesman) '

Customer 1: "Do you have one that plays Dixie?" (or choose some other popular country song)

Salesman: I sure do, Here it is, I hope you like it. I'll come back tomorrow to make sure you are satisfied.

Same scene and Customer 2 askes for a current pop song.

Same scene and Customer 3 asked for "Star Spangled Banner"

The next day the Salesman goes back and asked of each customer: How did you like the musical toilet seat.?

Customer 1: "It was great, it played dixie and I sat there with a bucket of fried chicken enjoying each note.

Customer 2: "It was great. I listen to the music while I read a copy of the Rolling Stone magazine."

Customer 3: "I hated it, It just did not work out.

Salesman responds to Customer 3: "we have never had an unsatisfied customer, what went wrong?

Customer 3: " It's that music. "Every time I sit down on the toilet, it starts playing the Star Spangled Banner and I have to stand up again!"