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Materials: Announcer, two people under gray blanket, and one peanut vendor. The back person under the blanket needs to have a small cup of water.

Announcer walks in leading the "Elephant"

Announcer: Hello all, I'd like to show you my trained pet elephant "Nuts" I'll show you a few tricks that I've taught my elephant "Nuts"

Turn in a circle "Nuts"

Lift your left legs "Nuts"

Lift your right legs "Nuts"

Sit "Nuts"

Now, can I get a volunteer from the audience? Pick someone from the audience to lie on the ground to have the elephant step over

Step Over "Nuts"

Now can I get another volunteer to see if "Nuts" can step over two people at once? Pick another person and have them lie beside the first. This person needs to be able to take a joke!

Step Over "Nuts"

Exactly as "Nuts" steps over the second person, the peanut vendor walks into the room and shouts "Peanuts"

As he shouts this, "Nuts" pours the cup of water on the second person