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Den Chief: Practically from the beginning of time, man has used symbols to express hope, ideals

          and love in his own nation. Our flag represents the ideals and traditions of our people, 
          their progress in art and science, commerce and agriculture. It symbolizes the sacrifices 
          made by men and women for the future of America. It stands for your home, and 
          everything and everyone you hold dear.

1st Cub: I light the red candle, which is the symbol of the red in our flag. It stands for hardiness

          and valor, and symbolizes the lifeblood of brave men and women.

2nd Cub: I light the white candle, which is the symbol of purity and innocence and symbolizes

          the white of our flag.

3rd Cub: I light the blue candle, which is the symbol of perseverance and justice, and

          symbolizes the eternal blue of the heavens.

4th Cub: The stars in our flag represent states. The indicated that the heights of achievement for

          our nation are limitless as the heavens above us.

          Please join us in the Pledge of allegiance to our flag. (Audience stands salutes and 
          repeats pledge of allegiance. Flags are posted. Color guard retires.)