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This is a pocket ‑ a very plain pocket ‑ not very interesting, and it could belong to anyone. But wait, let's give this pocket to a Cub Scout.

(Narrator places Bobcat badge on pocket.) Our pocket is turning into something with meaning. It represents a sense of belonging and will soon bring our Cub Scout knowledge, skills, enjoyment and good fellowship. We would like to present the following boys and parents their Bobcat badge.

(Narrator places Wolf & arrows on pocket. ) With the Wolf rank, our pocket turns into something more special. It proudly displays the first symbol of new‑found knowledge of the flag, of keeping strong, of tools, of knots of safety, of books and reading. It means our Cub Scout has mastered feats of fun. Tonight we are privileged to recognize the following Cub Scouts who have achieved the rank of Wolf. Would the following Wolf candidates and their parents please come forward.

(Narrator places Bear & arrows on pocket. ) Adding the Bear badge has increased our pocket's meaning even more. It shows our Cub Scout is completing increasingly difficult achievements which show he is growing in knowledge and skill. Would the following Bear candidates and their parents please come forward.

(Narrator places Webelos and Arrow of Light on pocket. ) Our pocket has now had placed upon it the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light, the highest awards which our Cub Scouts can achieve. To receive these awards, our Cub Scouts must dedicate themselves to the hard work necessary in completing the required number of activity badges and prove themselves ready to join the ranks of Scouting. Tonight we wish to recognize these boys who have completed activity areas within the Webelos program. Will the following boys and their parents please come forward.

(With the Webelos Scouts together, a candle ceremony may be added at this time.)

Our pocket is very special now. It is very rich in new possibilities. It opens up a whole new world of challenges. Cub Scouting has taken our plain pocket, and turned it into a pocketful of adventure, fun, and excitement.

Congratulations to all you boys and your parents on your achievements.