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Personnel: 7 Cubs Equipment: Cards with letters spelling out P O C K E T S and pictures of collections.

Cubmaster As we have seen at tonight’s Pack Show, cub Scouts collect many things. Let’s have a recap before we go home -

Cub # 1. P: is for POSTAGE stamps, something people have collected for many years.

Cub # 2. O: is OLD-FASHIONED, what some call antiques.

Cub # 3. C: is for CARDS, baseball, football, basketball or hockey. There are so many kinds to choose from.

Cub # 4. K: is for KITES, to fly high in the sky. They come in so many styles and color the variety is endless.

Cub # 5. E: is for ELECTRONICS, some people collect everything electronic they can get their hands on. TVs, radios, CD players, video games and computers the list goes on.

Cub # 6. T: is for TOYS, every kid is a true collector. Their collecting never stops even when they grow up. They just collect different toys.

Cub # 7. S: is for SCOUT stuff, that every Scout collects. What Scout does not have collections of badges, patches, uniforms, ties slides, T-shirts, and camping gear.

Cub # 8. Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoyed the show. Good night