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PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Den Chief, Cub Scout earning badge.

EQUIPMENT: Badges and certificates to be presented, straight pins.

CUBMASTER: When a boy becomes a Cub Scout he starts on an upward trail. I say "Upward" because as he grows older he advances in Cub Scouting. He does not join a Cub Scout pack and then wait idly for three years until he becomes a Boy Scout. With the help of his parents and leaders, he will work and earn the various badges which are marks of achievement that will help him not only as a child but as an adult. Who knows where his Cub Scout background will lead him in the future... How many Cub Scouts became Presidents?

Perhaps tonight we have one or more Cub Scouts who have completed the requirements for badges of advancement in rank who may someday become a President of our great nation.

DEN CHIEF: (name), Will you bring forth those Cub Scouts and their parents that have completed the requirements for advancement in rank?

DEN CHIEF: Here we have (name) who became a Bobcat in (month) and tonight is to receive his (rank) badge and certificate. (Cubmaster hands certificate and (rank) badge to parent who pins the badge on Cub Scout.)

Then we have (name) who is nine years old and has already earned his Bear badge. With extra effort on (name's) part and cooperation from his parents he has earned ten additional credits and now receives his Bear Gold arrow. (Cubmaster hands arrow to Parent. )

CUBMASTER: Now you all can see that these Cub Scouts are on the upward trail. Which one do you think will be President?