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EQUIPMENT: If desired, use a flannel board with silhouettes of presidents as they are mentioned in ceremony.

CUBMASTER: We are proud of the outstanding presidents to whom we are paying tribute tonight. We are equally proud of our Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts who are learning new skills and ideals which will help them later in life. It's very likely that some of these boys will become outstanding in American history some day. Many of our well known American figures were Scouts when they were young.

The first rank in Cub Scouting is Bobcat. We will portray this rank with a silhouette of our first President, George Washington (place silhouette on flannel board). Just as the Bobcat rank is important in getting a boy started on the Cub Scouting trail, our first president was important in getting our country started off right (call forward Bobcat candidates and their parents. Ask them to repeat Cub Scout Promise, Present badges and cards) Congratulations!

Next is the rank of Wolf. We will symbolize this rank with a silhouette of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence. When a boy becomes a Wolf he has learned a little more independence than when he was a Bobcat. He demonstrates this by working on his own outside the den on achievements and electives (Call names of boys to receive Wolf badge. Present badges to their parents) Congratulations!

When a Cub Scout reaches Bear rank, he has learned much from the challenging projects he completes. To symbolize the Bear rank, we will use a silhouette of Teddy Roosevelt, another outstanding president. Roosevelt accepted many challenges during his life (Call names of boys to receive Bear badge. Present badge and card to parents). Congratulations!

When a boy reaches Webelos age, he is ready to move into a Webelos den and work on activity badges which are even more challenging than achievements and electives. We will symbolize this with the silhouette of another outstanding President, Abraham Lincoln, who worked his way up from a poor lad in a log cabin to become the 16th President of the United States. These are the boys who have worked their way up from Bobcat to the Webelos den (Call names of boys and Webelos leader. Present Webelos neckerchiefs and handbook). Congratulations! Webelos Scouts work on activity badges which help them learn about many things and pave the way for future Scouting. Webelos Scouts learn more about the outdoors and go on overnight campouts with their dads. We will symbolize all the activity badges with a silhouette of John F. Kennedy, who believed in physical fitness and loved the outdoors (Call names of boys who have earned activity badges. Make presentations). Congratulations!