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Need: 5 scouts

Props: A carboard box. and a stuffed dog

Announcer: "This scene takes place on the street outside a grocery store"

(several participants are gathered around outside the store, chatting)

Scout 1: (Enters holding the box) "Hi guys, would you please hold this box for me while I go into the store? (he exits)

Scout 2: "I wonder what's in the box?"

Scout 3: "I don't know, but something is leaking out!"

Scout 4: (Rubs finger against the bottom of box, then lick finger) "Hmmm, it tastes like lemon soda."

Scout 3: (Also rubs box and tastes finger) "No. I think it's more like chicken soup."

Scout 1: (Returns, looks in box and pulls out stuffed dog) "Oh, you naughty puppy!"