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This skit requires four cans (big, medium, small and itty-bitty; all open on one end), a glass of water, a toy rifle or stick, a "trumpet" (rolled paper), a flashlight, a magic wand, and four pebbles of different sizes. Choose the following actors from the audience: a big tree, medium tree, little tree, and itty-bitty tree. Give each of them the can and pebble corresponding to their role. Then choose a rabbit, a hunter (give him the gun), a stream that runs into a waterfall (he gets the glass), a trumpeter (he gets the trumpet), and the good camp fairy (he gets the flashlight and magic wand). Then tell the following story: Once upon a time there lived a little rabbit (rabbit hops) in a great big forest. In this forest there was a big tree (have big tree drop pebble in his big can), a middle-sized tree (same action), a little tree, and an itty-bitty tree. There was also a stream.... that runs into a waterfall (stream gurgles until it runs into the waterfall -- then it spits the water out). One day a hunter entered the forest, chased the rabbit through all the trees and across the stream that runs into a waterfall, caught up with it, and shot it dead. All the trees and the stream were very sad. Then the good camp fairy appeared (trumpet sounds), destroyed the hunter with his magic ray gun, and restored the rabbit to life with his magic wand. All the trees and the stream that runs into a waterfall were happy again, and all lived happily ever after.