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This may be used for welcoming Tiger Cubs and their partners or new Cubs and their families into the Pack. This ceremony may easily adapted into a Cubmaster's minute, closing thought etc.

EQUIPMENT: Bobcat pin for each Tiger Cub advancing to Bobcat, Recipe below written on recipe card.

CUBMASTER: (Call forward Tiger Cubs and their adult partners or new Cubs and their parents.) Some of you may know that when you get to a Boy Scout, you will be cooking outdoors a lot. You will probably get a chance to do that as a Cub too. To cook a good dish, you have to use a recipe. If you don't, you're going to have some awful eating.

We have a recipe for Cub Scouting too. Ever ingredient is important. If we don't put each ingredient in our Cub Scouting dish, the result will be as bad as a hamburger without the meat.

The ingredients are:

Boys:The more the merrier.

A bucketful of games and sports

Some crafts. We learn how to handle tools and useful things.

A dollop of seriousness. We learn how to do our duty to God and country.

A cupful of trips and hikes. We explore the world around us just as you Tiger Cubs have been doing.

Two barrels full of good leaders. We can't have Cub Scouting without these volunteers.

And parents‑maybe the most important ingredient of all after you Cubs. Without the help of your parents the Pack cannot give you the best Cub Scouting.

Mix all these ingredients together and you are sure to have a great time in Cub Scouts. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Pack. Now I will ask your partners to present you with your Bobcat badge.

(While doing this, have other Cubs and parents sing the Cub Scout Welcome Song found in the CUB SCOUT SONG BOOK‑Have the words written on a large sheet of poster board where all can see.)