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NARRATOR: What does it stand for, the red, white, and blue?

CUB 1:

It stands for our country,
And what it went through,
To win us our freedom,
When freedom was new.
(Hold small flag ‑ put into pot with large American flag at bottom of pot) 

NARRATOR: What do they stand for, the stripes, red and white?

CUB 2:

The states on the Seaboard
That braved England's might;
Thirteen in number,
United to fight.
(13 strips each of red & white crepe paper, add to pot)

NARRATOR 3: What do they stand for, The stars, one and all?

CUB 3:

The states in the Union,
The big states and small,
Ready to answer
America's call.
(Large cardboard star covered with white tissue paper, add to pot.)

NARRATOR: What do they stand for, The colors we see?

CUB 4:

Red stands for courage,
And white, liberty,
And blue for the staunch
In this land of the free.


Hail to our banner,
Still shining like new,
Symbol of faith
In the brave and the true;
Symbol of freedom,
The red, white, and blue.
(Pull out large flag from pot, open and hold in front of group)