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The Cub Scout Promise, Scout Oath and Venturing Code all call upon members to pledge themselves to do their duty to God. From its beginning the Scouting movement has encouraged its members to be faithful in the practice of their religions. The Boy Scouts of America does not define what constitutes belief in God or the practice of religion. Rather, it provides a program and ideals that complement the aims of all religions.

Tonight we have ________ Scout(s) who have earned their religious knot(s). To earn the Religious Knot, a Scout has to work with a church leader in completing special projects, specific to your denomination.

Would the following boys and their parents please come forward:

(List Scouts Here)

After much hard work and personal growth, these boys have received the right to wear the religious emblem of their faith on the Scout uniform. They have each been presented with a medal by their church. Like all Scouts who have received a religious award, these boys may now wear Scouting's universal religious award square knot on his Scout uniform and may continue to wear it as a Boy Scout, Explorer or Adult later in his life.

We now take great pleasure in presenting the religious emblem square knot to your parents in recognition of the role they have and will continue to play in your religious growth. Will you present your son with the religious emblem square knot?

Boys, we know you will wear this square knot centered over your left pocket with pride. Congratulations on your accomplishment. You have lived the Cub Scout promise well.