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PERSONNEL: Leader, a full den of Cub Scouts in uniform, operator for the record player, houselights, spotlight, and an electric fan.

EQUIPMENT: Small U.S. flag, electric fan, spot light, (Red or Blue), recording of the Star-Spangled banner, and a record player.

ARRANGEMENT: Place small U.S. flag in position on stage. Conceal electric fan at one side of flag to cause it to ripple. Place spotlight in position to pick up stage group only. Have record player ready. Houselights out. Ceremony den stands behind flag, facing audience.

LEADERS: Cub Scouts and parents, following the playing of the national anthem there will be a moment of silent prayer. (Music of "Star Spangled Banner" followed by a moment of silent prayer.) we will now be lead in the pledge of allegiance to the flag by Cub Scout (name).

Cub Scout on stage gives command, "hand salute", and leads the pledge.