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Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos dens may be asked to present skits or demonstrations at the pack meeting. These can be pantomimes, sketches, or short plays. The main purpose of skits is for the boys—and the audience—to have fun. But as boys practice performing in these informal skits, their confidence and leadership skills begin to develop as well.

Skits usually are based on the monthly theme. A Webelos den skit or demonstration might be based on the monthly activity badge area. Boys will have the chance to plan, rehearse, and make props and costumes during den meetings. The final presentation can be made at the pack meeting.

Some Cub Scouts may want to just watch rather than take part in the skit. Ask them to handle the lights or offstage sound effects, or watch the time. Sometimes, playing a character who wears a mask or uses puppets helps lessen a boy's self-consciousness.

These skits are known as "Camp Skits" because that is where they are most often performed. They are also used a lot in such things as pack meetings, troop meetings or troop court of honors. Here are some general characteristics of "Camp Skits":

  1. Short
  2. No lines to learn; ad lib.
  3. Performed with little or no rehearsal.
  4. Little or no props.
  5. Performed for those you know.
  6. Can use any number of actors
  7. Based on a humorous idea or line.
  8. Often based on ideas from a skit performed elsewhere.
Many of these skits came from Dennis' Skit Library
which was posted to Compuserve around 1992 by
Dennis H. Smith/SC
Pack 853 Tiger Cubs
Surfside Beach, SC

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