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By Roger Claff

Some say it's just a piece of cloth, And to them I guess that's true, And the colors are just fabric dye Of red and white and blue.

But let's take a look another way, Bear with me just for now, 'Cuz a few of us see more than that, And I'd like to tell you how.

See the set of crimson stripes, Which flow from left to right? I see in them the blood that's spilled In freedom's awful fight.

And what about the field of blue, Is there something there to see? 'Tis the oceans touching distant shores, Where they fought to keep us free.

But what about those other stripes Of brilliant milk-white hue? I see in them the spirit-glow Of those who died for me 'n' you.

And what about those fifty stars? Can I give you just a clue? I see in them the peace of heaven As the serviceman's eternal due.

Now you may not agree with me, And that really is OK, That's a freedom and a right We wouldn't take away.

But give a moment, if you please, On this our Veteran's Day, To thank our nation's servicemen For your freedoms here to stay.

For without their matchless sacrifice, We'd none of us be free To talk of God, and flags, and truth And what they are to you and me.