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PERSONNEL: Flag bearers for American flag and Pack flag; Color guards for American flag and the Pack flag; Speaker. (If there is an uneven number of color guards, the American flag has precedence and should have the most guards.)

EQUIPMENT: American flag; Pack flag; flag holders.

ARRANGEMENT: Flag holders are in place at front of room or on stage. Flag bearers and color guards are in position in rear of room. Speaker may be in rear or in any convenient place nearby. Cubmaster usually calls the meeting to order and introduces the den who will perform the ceremony. At this point, the speaker advances to the front of the room.

Speaker: Attention! Will the audience please rise? (They do.) Color guard, present the colors! (Commands should be given sharply and loudly.)

(Color guard advances from rear of room with flag bearers in front, followed by guards. The American flag should always be on the marching right in the procession. As procession begins, speaker gives his next command.)

SPEAKER: Hand salute! (He salutes and audience does likewise. Speaker's eyes follow American flag until it is in position in front of room.) (Flag bearers and color guards take position in front of room near flag stands. They stand at attention, facing the audience. The flags are held vertically.)

SPEAKER: Pledge of Allegiance, repeat! (He begins pledge with audience joining in.)

(At this command, the pack flag is lowered slightly ‑ take care that it does not touch the floor ‑‑ and full attention is given to the American flag. Flag bearers and color guards do not salute or repeat pledge. When pledge is completed, the speaker gives the next command, which is the signal for audience's salutes to be dropped. The pack flag is raised to vertical position again.)

SPEAKER: Two! Color guard, post the colors!

(The pack flag is placed in its stand, then pack flag bearer and color guards salute it and step back into place. The American flag is then posted; its bearer and guards salute it and step back into place.) Speaker: Color guard, Retire! (or retreat)

(Flag bearers lead procession to back of room... with speaker following last.)