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Man runs onstage and reports to his commander that the enemy has wiped them out and no one is left to fight. He is ordered to take a rifle and go protect the lines. He says he has no rifle, so the commander hands him a stick and tells him that if he sees an enemy he is to point the stick and say "Bangity Bang!"

The man leaves to guard the lines. After a while he sees an enemy creeping up, so he points the stick and says "Bangity Bang!"

To his complete surprise the enemy falls dead. He proudly blows smoke from the end of the stick and resumes pacing back and forth. Then he looks worried and runs back to his commander.

"What do I do if I run out of ammunition?" He is told to put an imaginary bayonet on the stick, and when using it to say "Stabity Stab!"

Back at his post he spies another enemy. He yells "Bangity Bang!" but the enemy keeps coming, so he places the "bayonet" on his stick and runs up and thrusting it into the enemy says "Stabity Stab!" The enemy falls dead and the soldier is now very confident.

Then in the distance a low rumble is heard, and man enters, his face emotionless, posture rigid and arms churning. The soldier tries shooting him, then stab bing him, then shooting again, etc. Nothing works and the frantic soldier is slowly trampled by the enemy, who keeps churning and rumbling. After crushing the soldier, the enemy says in a loud voice: "Tankity Tank!"