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PERSONNEL: Talking American Flag and one Cub Scout

EQUIPMENT: American flag and two microphones connected to a public address system.

ARRANGEMENT: Place American flag near front,right side of the stage with microphone on stand located a few feet to the left of the flag. A Cub Scout, acting as the voice of the flag, is located off stage with a second microphone.

(Cub Scout strolls onto the stage, crosses behind the flag, and walks toward the microphone. As he passes the microphone, the Flag speaks, and Cub Scout slowly turns to look at the Flag and at the, microphone.)

Flag: Hello, Cub Scout!

Cub Scout: (Acts surprised and looks around.) Who said that?

Flag: Me, the flag of your country.

Cub Scout: A talking flag? That's new.

Flag: Of course I talk. I've always been able to talk,but you haven't been able to hear me.

Cub Scout: Oh? What have you been trying to tell us?

Flag: For one thing, it's how proud I am of my fifty stars. What states added my last two stars?

Cub Scout: Alaska and Hawaii.

Flag: Right! History has been made in your time.

Cub Scout: What state was the forty-eighth star?

Flag: That was Arizona - in 1912.

Cub Scout: Tell me more.

Flag: What do you want me to tell you?

Cub Scout: Tell me your history. Flag: O.K. When the colonists came, I was the Queen Anne flag - all red, with a Union Jack.

Then I changed to the Grand Union flag and my red changed to seven red stripes and six white stripes, making thirteen stripes: but I still had the Union Jack. I was first raised over General George Washington's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in January, 1776, as the standard of the Continental Army.

After our country became a new nation, I changed to Old Glory and still had the thirteen stripes but added a circle of thirteen stars on a field of blue in place of the Union Jack.

From 1794 to 1818 I had fifteen stars and fifteen stripes and was called the Star-Spangled Banner when francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem in 1814.

Then the years rolled along and in 1818 the stripes were reduced to the original thirteen, and from then on a star was added for each new state that joined our union until there were fifty states today.

Cub Scout:You know, I feel like singing to you. (More Cub Scouts come on stage and join the first Cub Scout around the microphone.)

Cub Scout:Come on, everyone! Join in and let's sing "The Star Spangled Banner."

(The flag ceremony may be ended here or the following additional action may be taken.)

All stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country.