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NARRATOR: (The room is darkened)

Behind this curtain is a picture. It is a picture of many things and stands for so very much. This is a history which began July 4, 1776, but is not yet completed. This is a picture of 185 million living souls and the ghosts of millions that have died to keep them free. This panorama has in it the spirit of Nathan Hale and Paul Revere, it has Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry. It shows the spirit of John Paul Jones, the Green Mountain Boys and Davey Crockett. It portrays scenes of the spirit of the Alamo, the Maine and Pearl Harbor. It is a picture of the heroic deed in Flanders Field, on the Rock of Corregidor, and the bleak slopes of Korea. This is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, the wheat fields of Kansas, and the granite hills of Vermont. It shows the coal fields of the Virginians, the fertile lands of the West, the Golden Gate, and the Grand Canyon. In the center is Independence Hall. This picture covers a tremendous area from the Atlantic to the Pacific, three million miles of throbbing industry, five million farms, forests, fields, mountains, and desert, quiet villages and cities that never sleep. Here too is Babe Ruth and the World Series, 169,000 Schools and Colleges, and 250,000 churches and synagogues where people worship God as they think best. Notice a ballot being dropped in the box, hear the roar of the crowd in a stadium and the soothing voice of a choir in a cathedral. For portraits, it has Eli Whitney, Stephen Foster, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell along with Albert Einstein. Yes, this picture contains all of these things, but it is not finished, and God willing, through our service to Scouting, we will continue to add many wonderful parts to it' s texture. Here it is, ladies and gentleman, the Glory of the United States, Our Flag.

(Curtains part ‑‑ spot light on flag stretched out full length).