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Arrangements : The flag stands alone, lights are dimmed with a spotlight on the flag,

          speakers are offstage.

Voices of the Flag : Cub Scouts

Scout #1 : I am your flag. I have a special meaning to the Boy Scouts of American

          because the Scout Promise emphasizes duty to god and country and I am your 

Scout #2 : I am a symbol of America. I suppose you might say I am America. I am great

          cornfields in the Midwest, throbbing industries in the great cities, orchards and 
          vineyards in the great valleys of the west. I am mountains, rivers and lakes.

Scout #3 : I am the citadel of democracy and the vanguard of freedom in the world, we

          both are being threatened with annihilation.

Scout #4 : I am the opportunity for any boy to become most anything if he has the skill

          and the will to scale the heights. I am most things to everyone, and everything 
          to most people. As a matter of fact, I guess that's what I am 
          people.. YOU!

Scout #5 : Let us rededicate ourselves to our duty to keep American people and our

          country great and free. Please rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.