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CAST: CAMP COOK 3 STRANGERS THREE RIVERS, a boy on all fours acting like a dog

PROPS: Big Kettle or Dutch Oven

SETTING: The camp cook is stirring the contents of the big kettle when along comes a stranger.

1ST STRANGER: What’s cooking? Sure does smell good.

COOK: Homemade stew. Want a plate?

1ST STRANGER: Yeah, if it’s not any trouble. Got an extra plate?

COOK: Sure do. They were just cleaned by Three Rivers.

(The 1st Stranger picks up a plate from the pile the cook is pointing to.)

1ST STRANGER: Are you sure these plates are clean?

COOK" Sure are, stranger. Three rivers just cleaned ‘em.

(This is the crux of the skit. Make sure the audience understands that Three Rivers cleaned the plates.)

(Two more strangers come in and get served.)

3RD STRANGER: Cookie, that stew was great! To show my appreciation, I’d like to clean up the dishes.

COOK: Never mind about that. Three Rivers will take care of them. Three Rivers!!! Three Rivers!!! Here boy, come on Three Rivers!!!"

THREE RIVERS: (Enters, barking.)

STRANGERS: (Pretend to get sick.)