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EQUIPMENT: Trophy skin. badges and arrow points. Pin badges and arrow points on trophy stands in ascending order. Wolf badges and arrow points on bottom. Arrow of Light awards on top.

To make Trophy skin: Cut piece of leather, cardboard or suede cloth in the shape of bearskin. Use sticks for the frame.

CUBMASTER: This month our Cub Scouts have been working hard to advance in rank. Tonight, we will honor those who have achieved a new rank or earned arrow points. We're proud of them and their parents, too. Because, you know, a Cub Scout can't advance without the help of his parents. Our Webelos Scouts don't pass their badges to their parents, but they need their encouragement. So we're going to ask them to take part in our ceremony too.

(Cubmaster then calls for ward boys who have earned Wolf rank, with their parents) Each boy takes his Wolf badge from the trophy shin and parent pins it on his uniform while Cub master briefly explains how it was earned by completing 12 achievements. Follow the same procedure for the Bear and arrow points.)

Webelos Den Leader then uses the same ceremony for Activity badges. Webelos badge, and the Arrow of Light.

CUBMASTER: Advancement is just a part of the fun of Cub Scouting. But it's an important part, because through advancement our boys learn new skills that will help them when they join a Scout troop and throughout their whole lives. Let's give a grand howl for our den mates who advanced tonight.

Source: Southern NJ Council Pow Wow 2004