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ARRANGEMENTS: Den Leader is on stage holding a picture of "Uncle Sam" Cubs are off stage and enter two at a time on each side of the picture. The repeat their lines and then stand there. Flag is posted in center of the stage behind the group.

1ST CUB: Why didn't we call him Daddy Sam?

2ND CUB: In some countries he might have been called "Daddy Sam" or "Papa Sam". But not in America.

3RD CUB: Uncle Sam is an idea that symbolizes the United States.

4TH CUB: The people who wrote our Constitution decided the Federal Government should not be a Great Father.

5TH CUB:They limited Uncle Sam's role very strictly, to assure freedom and opportunity for individuals.

6TH CUB: Uncle Sam is even dressed in Red, White, And Blue, and decorated with stars and stripes.

7TH CUB: These are the living ideals which are the very heart of our flag and our nation.

8TH CUB: Uncle Sam is a symbol that should always remind us of the blessings of freedom our forefathers gave to us.

9TH CUB: Will the audience please rise and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.