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PROPS: Cubs can be outfitted in animal costumes‑ bobcats, wolves, dancing bears, Webelos‑ outfitted according to the activity badge they are getting, and Arrow of Light‑ capes with stars all over. Den Leader should be dressed as clowns and the Cubmaster as a ringmaster.

CUBMASTER: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to see a parade of achievements, the likes of which you have never seen before! For our 1st act, we have trained Bobcats and their trainers (parents). They will be in the center ring and will perform for us showing what feats they have mastered. ( Bobcats and parents come forward and go through Bobcat requirements with Cubmaster. Present badges).

Notice how well these Bobcats have been trained by their trainers. Let's have a fine round of applause for this fine act we have just seen performing before you very eyes. And now we have for our second colossal act of achievement this evening, a fine trained Wolf act. The Wolves in this act are: (Read names of Cubs receiving Wolf Badge or Arrow points) Here comes those Wolf Cubs and their trainers into our center ring! ( go through similar type of circus talk to cover some of Wolf requirements.)

(Handle Bear Badges and Arrow Points in same manner as Wolf).

And now ladies and gentlemen, we have a stupendous act which takes much skill and requires work and patience as these young men climb to great heights. In fact, to the very top in the Cub Scout parade of achievements. Let's all watch breathlessly as we give special honors in a ceremony which will demonstrate to you what heights these Cubs have climbed with the help of their trainers along the way. It is a privilege to introduce to you the participants in this outstanding feat. (Call Cubs and parents forward and present activity Pins with flowery language pertaining to their particular pins).

And now for the stars of our show... The young men who have completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting. In order to qualify for this award these young men have shown knowledge about Scouting, citizenship, and emergency first aid. As these stars step into our center ring let's give them a roaring round of applause. (Read names)

We have presented for you one of the most stupendous shows in the history of Cub Scouting. The young men you have seen before you have attained the heights of achievement, an amazing array of ability and stupendous skill‑‑‑an extravaganza extraordinary!

NOTE: Clowns should escort their particular Dens forward and help with the presentation of awards. If possible, try to mark some type of boundary that will represent a center ring.