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EQUIPMENT: Steps to scouting candle board, candles, badges to be presented. PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, den chief (lights candles for ranks)

When a boy becomes a Cub Scout he starts on a upward trail. I say upward because as he grows older, he advances in Cub Scouting. A boy does not join a Cub Scout pack and then wait around for four years to become a Boy Scout. With the help of his parents and leaders he will work and earn various badges which are marks of achievement. Tonight we have (number) Cub Scouts with their parents who have completed the requirements for badges of advancement in rank. Will Cub Scouts (names) please come forward with your parents and join me at our awards table.

Here we have Cub Scouts (names) who became Bobcats in our pack in (month). They, along with their parents, have been working very hard to reach their second step. Parents, as I present these Wolf badges to you, pin them on the left side of the Bobcat badge.

Next we have (names), who along with their families, have been working on the third step, which requires more skill and knowledge. Parents, as I present this Bear badge to you, pin it on the right side of the Bobcat badge. Congratulations to all of you, keep up the fine work, and wear your badges proudly so everyone can see that you are on the upward trail. With the same effort that you have shown thus far, we are sure that you will attain our highest award, the Arrow of Light.

Wolves and Bears, how about a cheer for our new brothers!